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Not Prince Hamlet

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What Have I Done?

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Meredith and I are on vacation in Colorado. We're seeing old friends, taking in the scenery, and generally having a relaxing time.

But there's something that's plaguing my mind and making it difficult for me to really enjoy my vacation: I think I bought a women's wallet.

We were at an Eddie Bauer outlet mall store in Castle Rock, and I was rummaging through this clearance bin full of accessories, like cell phone holders, travel games, and, yes, wallets. I spied this cool looking navy blue wallet about the size of a credit card, and I looked it over, intrigued. It zips open and has a place for your credit cards, your money, and, most impressive, your change. "Great," I thought. " This is small enough to fit comfortably in my front pocket, and it will eliminate the loose change problem." The tag on it said simply, "Zip Around Wallet."

It was only $2.99.

So I bought it. I freaking bought it.

Since then, everyone I've shown it to has chuckled and said, "Dude. That's a women's wallet." I have vehemently protested, "No, it's a 'zip around wallet.'" So today I went online to set the record straight. I was going to go to Eddie Bauer's website and find the wallet under the men's accessories, thereby setting the record straight.

But the wallet is nowhere to be found. Worse, a search on e-bay for "zip around wallet" produces hundreds of results, while a search for "men's zip around wallet" produces zero.

Yeah, it's a women's wallet. But does that mean I'm going to stop using it?

Absolutely not.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 8:16 AM


To quote Seinfeld... "It's not a purse, it's a carry-all....It's European!"
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