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Not Prince Hamlet

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That Sucks Rocks

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Here's a link to a story about rural Missourah morality gone bad. Way bad.

A principal punished an elementary school student by forcing her to collect roadside rocks in a bucket and carry them into the woods.

Here's the money quote:
"Although he has discontinued the practice because of the uproar, Doerhoff [the principal] said rock punishment was not that strenuous. The rocks, left from construction work, were small. He added that the girl wasn't in danger because she was being monitored by a security camera."

Here's the best part: a teacher who saw the student picking up the rocks complained and was told she was out of line. So she went out and helped the student, picking up rocks with her. Then she got fired.

When are people going to realize that you just have to do what you're told?
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 7:49 AM


Monitored by a security camera? So we'd know what color the truck that hit her was?
commented by Blogger Ryno, 11:30 AM  
commented by Blogger Rocky, 5:53 PM  
She really was hit by a truck two years earlier!
commented by Blogger messytess, 12:47 PM  

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