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Not Prince Hamlet

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Ari's Alright

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I am no partisan, especially not a Republican partisan, so it may come as a bit of a surprise when I admit what I'm about to admit: I used to have a serious man-crush on Ari Fleischer.

The crush was at its' worst in the days and weeks immediately following the September 11th attacks, when his was the face you most routinely saw on television, his the face of calm and reassurance. I expressed the crush to some friends at the time, saying, "I just love this Ari Fleischer guy. He's made me think that my dream job would be White House Press Secretary."

Well, life being what it is (and man-crush's being what they are), everything settled down after awhile, and I pretty much forgot about Ari. Then yesterday, in the public library, I spotted his stoic-yet-smarmy face on the cover of a book--his book: Taking Heat. I immediately grabbed it and checked it out, taking it across the way to Chipotle, where I would read the first few chapters over a burrito.

The book isn't good. It's heavily-biased commentary, full of pot-shots and double speak. The press has, of course, murdered it. But that won't stop me from reading it. If only to get the inside track on how one performs the job of Press Secretary (just feel the dignity of that title!) , pinching out particles of information to a ravenous press, intoning always about "The President," who's very voice you are.

In the last couple of months I have developed a new Press Secretary crush, this one fictional. The difficulty, it appears to me, is that there's relatively little difference between my crush on Ari Fleischer, who, despite what critics say about him, appears to be mostly real, and my crush on C.J. Cregg of the West Wing, who is most certainly fictional. But why would there be? In the world of television (which is the exclusive provence of the Press Secretary), who gets to say what's "real" anyway?


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The West Wing is the bomb. I too enjoy CJ as my favorite character, albeit my second favorite. She just is not a little weasel like Sam, Josh, or Toby. My favorite is Charlie, even though some of his love interests are questionable at best. I mean, come on, the President's daughter looks as if she got side swiped by a bulldozer.
commented by Anonymous Scott, 9:39 AM  
Yeah, and you have to love the name, "Zoe" for the President's daughter.
commented by Blogger Rocky, 8:06 PM  

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