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Not Prince Hamlet

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Meet Up

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Some months ago, I posted about backfence.com, an internet-based mechanism for connecting to one's community. That site has been launched in two communities, and it may spread to more soon. It's a very practical site, full of information about community goings on and what not.

Well, now I've discovered Meetup.com (click the title link above). Meetup.com is a web-based forum for organizing interest groups in a local area. Here's how it works: you search the site either for your locality or for an area of interest (for example politics or literature of Greyhound dogs). The site then searches its' database and tells you if a group already exists around that area of interest and if there's one in your area. It's pretty neat. The drawback is that groups have to have an organizer, and, as you can imagine, very few people go to a site and want to sign on as a group organizer before they've even met anyone.

What's great about meetup.com is that it is using the internet to build face-to-face community connection. I've signed up to hear about a local coffee group, a local Denver Broncos Fan group, and a local French group for Meredith.

You should try it out; there's no telling what you might find.
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