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Not Prince Hamlet

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Rock The Vote

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's election day in Kansas City, and I'll be heading to the polls later this afternoon to vote on a couple of bond issues. The city of KC is seeking $500 million in new bonds for the purpose of improving the city's water infrastructure. Half of the bonds will go for waterway upgrades and half of them for sewer upgrades.

I'm for them both.

People in this city are reluctant (at best) to pass new things; I've seen curbside recycling get squashed here and a number of mass transit initiatives get squelched as well. But I think this one is safe. People no doubt worry about rising water costs (costs which, in KC, are lower than anywhere else in the metro), but in my opinion that's the price you pay for solid infrastructure and good services.

Here's a link to a KC Star story on the bonds, and here's a link to what the ballot will actually look like. And here's a link to the website of the questions' campaign.

Time to get out the vote baby!
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 7:46 AM


Well, did it pass?
commented by Anonymous Scott, 5:52 PM  
It most certainly did!
Mr. Strawn, please give the readers of Not Prince Hamlet a brief tutorial on the machinations of municipal bonds; how, in short, do they work?
commented by Blogger Rocky, 8:49 PM  

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