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Not Prince Hamlet

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She Simply Rocks

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ahh, that was sweet: an hour and a half of Kathleen Edwards at the Grand Emporium. It's the perfect venue for a performer like her. It's intimate, yet it still allows for some all-out rockin' if the song permits (which, I assure you, it did more than once).

This was the first concert I had been to in almost two years (the last being Patty Griffin in New Jersey), and as I explained to my two companions, it was carefully selected. Back in high school and college it was the thing to do to go to all of the big concert tours that came through town, to buy the T-shirt, and then to talk about it for a week afterward (i.e. "Watchtower!!"). But now that musical temperments have cooled and refined themselves with age, concerts are a treat. And when you want to really enjoy a treat, you don't eat too many of them. I assure you that the 90 minutes of music and two whiskeys that made up this treat were well savored and will be well remembered.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the evening was the part where she asked about the local radio station that used to play her so much but that has now "changed formats" (see below). She asked, "Is there anyone here from that radio station?" And when someone bravely raised her hand, Edwards demanded of her: "What the hell happened?"

We all applauded the question.

Thanks to Brian and Troy for their companionship. That stout, frolicking elf man thanks you too.

Click here to hear and/or see Edwards' live in-studio performance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" last March.
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