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Not Prince Hamlet

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New Radio Links

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I direct your attention, good reader, to the two new radio links (and the one old one) featured by Not Prince Hamlet. 97.3 The Planet is the locally owned Kansas City station that has so lamentably "changed formats," but which will be available as a commercial free stream for as long as it is used. The Planet, for you Coloradoans, is a lot like KBCO, which less Bob Marley and Allman Brothers but more Coldplay and Green Day (I never said it was perfect).

For its' part, 90.9 the Bridge has taken over the top spot on my car radio since the Planet's demise. It's a public station, run by Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, and therein lies much of its appeal. Here you will find the earthy and organic that the "modern rock" format can't sustain. And man, it's gooood. The only drawback is that, as a public station, peak driving times and much of the weekends are taken up with NPR programming, like Morning Edition and All Things Considered. But when it's playing music, it's the best thing around.


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