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Not Prince Hamlet

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Good Morning Kansas City

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One of the really nice things about living in Kansas City is the availability of Roasterie coffee. I am a bit of a coffee fanatic, having worked in this coffeeshop in Denver and this one here in Kansas City. I just like good coffee. Not a lot of frills; just good, single origin bean, black, coffee. The Roasterie's coffee is just that. When I lived in Princeton it was Small World; in Cherry Hill it was whatever I could find. So I couldn't wait to get back to KC, if only to enjoy coffee from the Roasterie.

The Roasterie's owner, Danny O'Neill, is obsessive about the coffees he buys, providing meticulous details about where they came from and who he bought it from--no brokers here. And so every day I have the benefit of starting everything off with a cup of coffee that I hand-grind and brew, made from beans that were roasted about a mile from my apartment last week. It's great. Usually I buy their organic line, and I'm presently enjoying a cup of the organic Guatemalan you see displayed here. It's lovely.

Another interesting thing about living here is the presece of Aldi grocery stores. The presence of the stores is not really interesting in itself; it's that Meredith has taken to shopping there exclusively. "It's so cheap!" she exclaims. And so it is. And not only that, but you find the strangest brands of things there. This morning I had a bowl of granola made by a company called Grandessa, supposedly a "gourmet" food line. Well, if mango chai granola is gourmet, then I have no argument. That's right: mango chai. Granola.

I can die now. Nothing can top this.
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