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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

Yes, It's Come To This

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I am not Prince Hamlet; I'm pretty certain the melancholy Dutchman would have sooner killed Claudius than wield in his trembling hand a copy of the latest cd by . . . Kelly Clarkson.

Not Prince Hamlet indeed.

I didn't buy it, but checked it out from the library. But that will be little consolation for the Jeff Bryan's and Landon Whitsitt's of the world, who are no doubt by this time tearing their hair out or swearing in Georgian. But let me offer this in my defense: I was weaned on a steady diet of power pop music, and, in certain seasons of life, my palate goes wild at a key change or a major chord progression. I can't help it. I'll despise myself in the morning, I know; but for now it's a steady diet of the original American Idol winner.

Please try to understand.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 4:39 PM


You have my utter and complete empathy. While I love and need lyrically-complex folk music (Dar Williams and Lucinda Williams are my favs), I sometimes need to eat junkfood. So, I reach for my Garth Brooks and Celine Dion. Yours in Solidarity! (True Confession: I own a Britany Spears CD)
commented by Blogger Rebecca K, 8:22 PM  
We all fall off the good music wagon now and again bro...but Kelly Clarkson? Really? Is that the best way for you to live right now? I know a place where you can still get the last N'Sync Christmas album. If you're going down you might as well find rock bottom.
commented by Blogger Ryno, 9:49 AM  
I was gonna make some snide comments and attempt some form of humor...until I read ryno's comment.

Confession of a sensitive male singer-songwriter/musical snob: I freaking love N'Sync. I honestly think they are the best "boy band" ever. I am not shitting you.

Boyz II Men - Go sit at the kids table.
New Edition - The sound has been updated.
Color Me Badd - I'll color you suckk.
Menudo - Adios.
Backstreet Boys - You belong in the back.
New Kids on the Block - You're old fogies.

N'Sync is where it's at, bitches!
commented by Blogger landon, 11:33 AM  
And don't even get me started on Destiny's Child.

Wow! Bootylicious, indeed!
commented by Blogger landon, 11:39 AM  
Since U Been Gone is an incredible song- seriously.
commented by Blogger Happy In Bag, 2:55 PM  
my favorite lyric in "since U Been Gone" has to be "shut your mouth, I just can't take it. again and again and again and again and again!!!"
commented by Blogger Rebecca K, 8:45 AM  
Dude, you're gonna be alright...put down the Kelly Clarkson CD and walk away...you don't have to do this man...No, don't put it in your CD player, just put it down and walk away, we can get you help. I'm here for you bro.
commented by Anonymous E Dub, 5:30 AM  
EDub, maybe I need a healthy dose of that Evanescence you love so much.
commented by Blogger Rocky, 6:32 AM  

First: Excellent blog.

Second: Julie listens to KC all the time...and it gets stuck in my head like some brain-eating parasite. It's at the point that when she plays it, my lips go numb and I run from the room screaming and crossing myself. Beautiful disaster indeed!!!!

Third: At least for me, there are only three known remedies to said parasite:
1) A whole lotta James Brown. See: Machine, Sex.
2) More poker.
3) Exorcism.

If you start listening to Clay Aiken, though, it's over....over, man.
commented by Blogger Scott, 12:39 PM  

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