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Not Prince Hamlet

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Leo is Dead

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've only gotten into The West Wing during the past year. Thanks to Netflix I've been able to watch the first four seasons in about six months time, and I've just started the fifth, which was released at the beginning of this month. I don't watch the current episodes, because I'm a stickler for sequence.

But John Spencer, the actor who played Leo McGarry--the White House Chief of Staff turned VP candidate--has died. News reports are playing up the similarities between Spencer and his character on West Wing, namely that they were both recovering alcoholics and workaholics.

It would be callous to start speculating about the task now facing the show's writers; so I'll just venture what I hope is a respectful gesture: Leo McGarry has died, and The West Wing should pack it in. With all of the thorny questions already before the writers (Bartlett's term is about up and a campaign is underway), the thing to do now is to wrap the thing up and celebrate the talents of the cast and crew, especially John Spencer.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 7:58 AM


Dude. Leo is dead. Leo was one of the anchors of the show, although he recently has had a significantly less meaningful role to play. The show really has sifted focus in its carachters. I personally think the show will continue on....the ratings this season have been fantastic. Of course, maybe that is a good way to bow out on top.

Here's to Leo. We're sad to see you go.
commented by Blogger Scott, 7:26 PM  
I'd like to see them play it out. I'm not sure where they're at in the filming of the show, but since they had the live debate show and subsequent episodes, I'm guessing they're not that far.

I'd like them to ask the question, what happens when the Vice Presidential candidate dies? Right now they're asking themselves what they should do when one of their leads passes on. To further parallel the two lives, they could ask the same question of his character.

That would be the best way to pay tribute to a man who was one of the anchors of the show since the beginning.

If they choose to just shoot the rest of the season and just write him out of the scenes, that would be in poor taste and unfitting with a group of writer which have always stayed current and tackled challenging issues.
commented by Anonymous Troy Lillebo, 9:23 AM  

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