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Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm back from Denver. Spending four days with the family at this time was helpful for me. It makes one feel a little bit more useful in time of crisis if one can simply be present in the midst of the crisis. Much of my life, I've discerned, has involved distancing myself from crises, especially the family variety, taking the mantle of neither the victim nor the helper, neither the man-on-the-road nor the Samaritan.

That's a possible tack in this situation. Since there is so little one can do in hospital waiting rooms and cafeterias, it seems reasonable that it makes no difference if one is actually present or not. But you all know that's not the case. If only for your own sake, you need to be there. You need to take the lumps of grief and anger and confusion along with everyone else--if only for your own sake; you hope your presence is beneficial to others as well.

I was blessed to see some good friends in Denver, friends like Marc and Perrin, Jay and Ryno and Sarah, friends who knew what questions to ask, but who also knew when to stop asking questions--friends, alas, who helped by having a beer with me and ringing in the New Year in as celebratory fashion as possible. Much love.

And family? What can one say? They are the dearest of the dear, the ones absorbing most of the impact, the ones doing the hard work both of hoping and of conceding, the ones loving and supporting and praying. It was nourishing to be among you and to remember from whence I come.

On a lighter note, pictured above is the arrangement I found atop our bedside table when I got home last night: alarm clock, picture, candle holder, and mallet--er, wait: mallet? Yep. This is my wife's sleeping companion when I am gone. Intruder beware: tread here and you will be thoroughly mashed.

It's good to be home.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:56 PM


You did, indeed, help. By just being here you helped shoulder the load making it a bit lighter. We love you both, Dad & Mom
commented by Blogger Donna, 11:10 PM  

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