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Not Prince Hamlet

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Campaign Sites

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The pro-question 1 site, a bit dramatically titled, "Save Our Stadiums" (as if the question's failure will result in the stadiums instantly being sucked beneath the Truman Sports Complex asphalt and straight to Hell--or Omaha).

The pro-question 2 site, a bit self-consciously called, "A League of Our Own." Pfthththth!!

In reality, both sites are maintained by the same organization, because question 2 is contingent on question 1; if the renovations to the stadiums don't pass, the rolling roof can't be built.

Both questions have been endorsed by the KC Chamber of Commerce and, surprisingly, Kansas City's Downtown Council, the organiztion in town that had been the most ardent and thorough advocate for a new downtown baseball stadium. They claim pragmatism in their endorsement, patting themselves on the back for not being "parochial" and insisting on their own idea. But isn't that how it works? The ideas with the most insistent proponents win?

Don't miss this wonderful parody opposition site, called "Save Our Owners," with the great tag line: "Protecting Kansas City's most valuable resource: its billionaires!"


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:01 AM


Up here in Dubuque, we're talkin' 'bout puttin' a tarp held up by 3 'luminum poles over the stock car track!!!

Man alive do I miss living in a baseball city.

But...as for the point...yes, amen on better places to put the money. How about some real public transportation!!??
commented by Anonymous Phillips, 9:45 AM  

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