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Not Prince Hamlet

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New Gadget

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Fantasy Baseball league home page (Yahoo) has a banner ad promising a chance to win tickets to the World Cup this summer. I'm a sucker, so I clicked it and was directed to Yahoo Answers.

This is Yahoo's latest little innovation (how innovative it actually is I don't know): an online message board managed by Yahoo where people can submit any kind of question they want and receive a number of answers within minutes. Questions like: "What is the best way to save on gas?" and "What's the best website for translating from Spanish to English for free?"

Doug Rushkoff contends that the real power of the internet is its ability to connect people to other people, where knowledge and expertise can be shared. I think Yahoo Answers is onto that.

The other value for users is that it makes you feel smart when you can answer someone's question.
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