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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ever since NPH heard Tina Fey crack on the idea over a month ago he has hankered for a taste of this new gimmick. So, when, getting beer and snacks for a small apartment gathering, I spotted a 4-pack on the shelf, I didn't have to think twice about smacking down $4.50 for it.

It's Coke. It's coffee. It's "Coke effervescence and coffee essense."

So here I sit with a frosty glass of it, ready to take the first sip, live here on Not Prince Hamlet. Readers take note: this is history. If only NPH had existed when that blissful drink, Holiday Spice Pepsi, came out in the winter of '04 . . . ah well. The past is passed, and the future is Coke Blak.

So, here goes the first sip:

Mph. That's good. The coffee taste evokes a shopping mall coffee vendor, like a Gloria Jean's, one that features a lot of flavored whole bean coffees. The sensation is all cola, bubbly and cool. But the substance is heavier, more filling.

The second sip: nope, the first sip wasn't an aberration. This stuff is good. Let's just hope NPH can restrain himself and not overindulge in the 45-calorie-per-serving beverage.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:26 PM


Honestly? Good? Because I've been holding out for Coke Blak Zero (truth be told I've been holding out for Coke Minus Ten, lose weight while you drink it). I've had my curiousity piqued by blak but been too afraid to try a full on 4 pack. I was hoping one day I'd be invited to a small apartment gathering where they had Coke Blak and I could taste it and just put it back in the fridge if I didn't like it.
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