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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

It's Still A Major League City

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Kansas City Royals are on their way to setting a major league record for most losses in a season. They are staunchly marching toward their third 100-loss season in four years. Kansas City hasn't seen postseason baseball for 20 years.

But that didn't stop 28,000 people from coming out to the 'K' on Friday night to watch the Royals begin a three-game set against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It's still got to be one of the best sporting experiences you can have in this country: a warm summer evening at a beautiful open-air baseball park watching big leaguers. What better excuse do you need to hang out with good friends for a few hours?

The promotional $1 hot dogs, sodas, and peanuts don't hurt either. Neither did the dancing mascots or the spectacular fireworks. Neither did the fact that the boys in blue pulled out a win, a late-inning come from behind win. NPH screamed like a 10-year-old.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 4:13 AM


OK buddy, unless you can produce a signed waiver, you'll be hearing from my lawyer. From now on I want a warning if you're going to be publishing these photos to the planet. Instead of just snearing, I'd do something much worse.

Plus you didn't mention losing your wallet, why did that little story get left out?
commented by Anonymous The guy in the middle snearing, 9:44 PM  
they make the 48th Street Streak look good!
commented by Anonymous e-dub, 8:10 AM  
commented by Blogger Rocky, 2:21 PM  

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