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Not Prince Hamlet

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The Royals Are Suite

Sunday, July 09, 2006

NPH is lucky to have cool friends. Because having cool friends means that sometimes you get to do things with your cool friends' cool friends. Case in point: last night NPH and the wife got invited to attend a Royals game and sit in the Fred Patek suite. Our cool friends (pictured right) have cool friends who work within the Royals organization and who hooked about 10 people up with seats in the suite.

I've been to a lot of Royals game in my time, and this experience was one the coolest. The suite is right next to the press box, so you essentially have a press box view of the game. Not to mention the ginormous bowls of peanuts and popcorn, the free hot dogs and soda and beer--it was awesome. Thanks cool friends, and thanks cool friends of our cool friends. It it's ok, NPH would like to call you guys our cool friends too.

Click here to see compelling video (registration required) from the game. The cool part's at the end.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 2:26 PM


Quite compelling video. Except I could tell its redacted: no way the Royals had that many fans at one of its games.
commented by Anonymous kairos, 7:07 AM  

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