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Not Prince Hamlet

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Dayton Moore Update

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From the Royals blog on the Most Valuable Network:
But what we are seeing here is more evidence Dayton Moore is following the Atlanta Braves model. The Royals are in dire need of starting pitching. If they’re actually thinking about adding Miguel Batista for three years, that’s insane. So, they decide to deal a reliever who might never realize his potential because he was rushed to the major leagues, for a decent (and cheap) starting pitching prospect.
This in response to the news that Moore has inked a trade with Mets GM Omar Minaya to send reliever Ambioroix Burgos to New York in exchange for starter Brian Bannister.

Not exactly a headline-ticker trade, but evidence of what Moore is all about: get more starting pitchers. As a fan, this is fun to watch.

Other rumors have the Royals in the running for Miguel Bautista and Gil Meche. Again, innings-eaters, guys who will beef up the starting rotation.

NPH is enjoying this.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 5:06 AM


With starting pitching the might get their win column above 70. Now if we can find a strategy for finding the other 20 or so wins they need to be in the hunt! :)
commented by Blogger Michael W. Kruse, 10:46 AM  
$55 Million for Gil Meche?? He's no Freddy Garcia!
commented by Anonymous E Dub, 5:26 AM  

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