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Not Prince Hamlet

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It's A Bird, It's A . . .

Friday, December 01, 2006

"What is that noise?" is a question that NPH and his wife have asked one another over the last several weeks, with an increasing degree of annoyance. Every night these shrieking, cawing, ticking noises have cascaded down 48th street from the heights of one of the street's many trees. Our best conclusions as to the origin of the racket were that it was either a lovesick bird or a dying squirrel.

Well, last night NPH discovered this notice taped to the front door of our apartment building. It turns out to be not a bird or a squirrel, but a recording. That's right, the property company that owns the condominium building behind the tree has been piping the sounds through a speaker. For what reason? Who knows?

Anyway, the notice on the door gave the number of the company and urged residents to call and complain, which we promptly did. Yet, as he was listening to the seemingly endless mailbos options on the company's voicemail system, NPH suddenly wondered, "Why am I doing this? Why complain? The noises don't bother me that much; in fact, once inside my apartment I can hardly hear them. So why even bother with it?" In the end, he left a complaining voicemail anyway, if only because the thought of a realty company polluting the idyllic nightime soundscape on the Plaza with phony jungle bird noises is perturbing. What reason could they possibly have for doing that?

Any guesses? The most creative guess wins a prize.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 9:42 AM


To scare away rats?

Get a clue, Not Prince.
commented by Anonymous Your Poker Nemesis, 12:44 PM  
I don't know what the sounds are, but sometimes they use the sounds of predatory birds to scare away pigeons during the hours when they find a place to roost. Let me know if I win.
commented by Anonymous T-Roy, 5:20 PM  

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