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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

Morning Prayer

Friday, December 08, 2006

This morning, NPH will join a few folk down at the church to get our pray on. At 7 am. It's a bit of an experiment: Friday morning prayer time during Advent. We really have no sense of who will participate and what will happen. That's what makes it an experiment.

A couple other experiments that NPH is mulling include:
  • Creating a name for the church's Adult Sunday School class, so that we don't have to call it "school" anymore
  • Moving the monthly session meeting from Thursday night to Sunday or Monday; Thursday is prime programming time
  • Starting a once-a-month "healing service," perhaps on the last Sunday of the month following regular worship
  • Doing a seven week sermon and teaching series on the Book of Revelation during January and February--call it "Beginning at The End"--that will include a weeknight small group study of this book; call it "Not Left Behind."
  • A Martin Luther King Day churchwide service project
  • A weeklong Christian Formation series of activities during T.V. Turnoff Week that would partner with our preschool, the local library, another church or two, and some schools in the community.
Yeah, we're full of ideas and grand experiments. But NPH struggles to make ideas into reality. There's our New Year's Resolution?


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