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Not Prince Hamlet

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NPH Knew Them When

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It has come to our attention in the last two days that two people currently occupying the television landscape are "people we used to know."

First, Wendell Middlebrooks, the star of the new series of Miller High Life commercials (here and here). These ads are great, and Wendell is hilarious.

Secondly, Kristen Bush, who was featured in this year's season premier of Law and Order: SVU. NPH didn't see the episode, but we have it on good authority that she was great.

Let us simply say, as our own claim to fame, that we shared a small college stage with both of these rising dramatist (Bush was actually in high school at the time). This we did in the shadow of someone else who has since gone on to our same vocation. Since the public is surely dying to know: Wendell was in a horrendous rendition of The Winter's Tale with NPH, and he played the guy who gets eaten by a bear; Kristen was the lead in a very Waiting-For-Guffman-esque staging of The Crucible with NPH, where she played the female lead and we had a bit part.

It's really fun to see these two have this kind of success. NPH wishes them both much success, and will be watching their rise with much interest.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 5:52 AM


I caught wind of this recently as well. Funny how I feel a bit of pride for the old alma...even though the success they are experiencing has absolutely nothing to do with my hyper, over-modulated style of "acting."

In all seriousness, though...couldn't have happened to two nicer people. I have had many good laughs with both of them. Those laughs pale in comparison, though, to those centered around those eight little words:

"Cheever come and took her in his wagon."

Good times.

P.S.--Now I'm waiting for NPH beer commercial: You know how big the new Coors keg is? Big as a pie! Big as a pie!
commented by Anonymous Phillips, 7:38 AM  
I had no idea we had rubbed shoulders with such giants.

Scott... thanks for the reminder of the great laughs we had during the Crucible!
commented by Blogger Andy and Lesa, 9:11 AM  
Two things:

"The Putnam's have peopled this province!"


"Whores and sorcerers!"
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 6:28 AM  
There is no way you just wrote "Cheever come and took her in his wagon."

OMG - I'm on the floor dying of laughter right now.

the success they are experiencing has absolutely nothing to do with my hyper, over-modulated style of "acting."

I'm not so sure, dear Rev. Phillips. Your work as Father F*@%ing Christmas was one for the ages, and certainly provided much fodder for reflection on their part.

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