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Not Prince Hamlet

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Another NPH First

Saturday, January 06, 2007

This spring NPH will vote in his first mayoral election. Ever. We've never cast a ballot for mayor in any of the cities we've lived in, simply because we've never actually lived someplace when that place was electing a mayor. NPH will keep his readers thoroughly apprised of the campaign events, signs, phone calls, and fliers as we encounter them.

Walking down Main street in midtown this morning, we walked past Joe Joe's Italian Eatery, where a huddled group of people were gathered, and where a KCTV 5 news crew was standing around outside. As we walked past the building, we looked back over our shoulder to see a massive sign reading, "Do you shop at Costco? Thank Jim Glover. Glover for Mayor." So there you go. Kansas City Councilman Jim Glover is running for Mayor, and he's launching his campaign on the compelling premise that the he's the man who brought us Costco. What NPH had stumbled upon was the ribbon cutting ceremony for his new campaign headquarters.

Pardon NPH for not being riveted.

There's a Home Depot on the same lot as the Costco. Is Glover not taking credit for it? Surely the urban retail complex that Glover advocated and helped to realize has helped the city (it's on a plot that NPH used to walk past all the time back in the day, when it was just an abandoned lot). But putting the retail chain Costco in your campaign slogo? That's just lame. And the picture on his website looks like an ad for the store, not a picture of a compelling candidate.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 10:00 AM


After making my way through four gallons of trail mix (for 99 cents) dipped in eight gallons of mayo (for a buck and a quarter)...he's got my vote.
commented by Anonymous Phillips, 7:54 AM  
Trail Mix? You've only been in Colorado a matter of months, and you're already eating mayonaisse-dipped trail mix?

commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 9:07 AM  

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