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Not Prince Hamlet

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Food Network Subliminal Advertising?

Friday, January 26, 2007

NPH is part of a Yahoo group called "Media Squatters" that serves as a forum to discuss media. Today somebody alerted us to this, a one-frame McDonalds advertisement "subliminally" tucked into the content of the Food Network's "Iron Chef America." Real? This guy's not the only YouTube user who caught it and uploaded it. This guy did too.

posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 11:50 AM


I love this show. Not as much as the old subtitled version, mind you, but I love it.

Julie and I were watching Iron Chef the other night and she noticed this! We both made the comment that Food Network was selling out. I think that it's a sad sign that I kind of shrugged it off until reading this. I have been sublimated.

Now...excuse me...gotta sudden jonesin' for a Big Mac.
commented by Blogger Scott, 2:44 PM  

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