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Not Prince Hamlet

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Good Stuff, I Mean Good Local Stuff

Thursday, January 04, 2007

While NPH's wife is out the country, some good friends are keeping him company and allowing him to spend exorbitant amounts of time on their couch, eating their food, watching their bigscreen, and playing with their baby.

On Tuesday night, as dinner cooked, we took a jaunt to the local hardware store to copy some keys. We couldn't resist the temptation to duck inside the bookstore next to the hardware store, one that we'd both driven past several times but never, as yet, patronized. Why'd we wait so long?

At the Half Price book store in Westport NPH picked up a cheap used copy of a cd that another local blogger had recommended and a $10 Random House edition of W.H. Auden's Longer Poems (including "For The Time Being"). But the real event was finding a copy of Douglas Rushkoff's Coercion and, well, coercing our friend to buy it. We were looking for Get Back in The Box, but couldn't find it, so NPH was tickled to find Coercion. It's the first Rushkoff book we ever read, and it remains required media literacy reading to his mind.

That a copy of it is now in the hands of our brilliant friend can only mean good things for the world.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 5:19 AM


Half-Price Books is pure genius. We had one in "The DBQ"...although, you often have to wade through quite a bit of junk-overstock stuff to find the gems. Westport may have a bit more discriminating selection, however.

And Auden...oh man. He has come pretty darn close to knocking off Eliot as my favorite. Now, in hindsight, I can see why NPH might dig his stuff.

Amazing what happens when you make keys.
commented by Anonymous Phillips, 7:54 AM  
When they opened the store in Westport I complained that, for me, it was just like opening up a crack house. Now I find excuses to go to Westlake Hardware so I can scam a look at the latest books next door. I think Westport actually has the best religion section of the branches I have seen in KC.
commented by Blogger Michael W. Kruse, 9:09 AM  

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