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Not Prince Hamlet

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A New Year's Gift: Rushkoff Interview

Monday, January 01, 2007

Pop Occulture has an interview with Douglas Rushkoff up today, and NPH thinks y'all should read it. Here's a teaser:

In addition to improving our intellectual understanding of media, could you outline some simple techniques or activities which we can put into practice in our lives based on the insights we derive from the process of de-constructing mass media?

There’s simple things you can do to keep the media from having quite as strong an impact on you without your consent. You can observe how you feel when watching TV, and try to see what kinds of images or situations make you tense. And when you feel this anxiety, try to figure out why you feel this way, and who wants you to feel this way. And why?

Or try to figure out who is paying for what you’re watching. That’s almost the easiest one. Who paid for this thing? Why do they want me to see this?

Simply, "Who benefits" is the question to ask of the media we consume. Who is pulling the strings behind the reaction arising in us as we interact with various media.


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