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Not Prince Hamlet

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No, Seriously

Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is the kind of mail solicitations that come to NPH's church.
No joke.

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posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 3:21 PM


The junk mail has been one of those things that I simply didn't expect. I didn't realize that it would take me fifteen minutes to go through mail every day (on a good day). It doesn't help that the two pastors before were, respectively, mailing-group junkies on the left and right side fo the aisle. So, I get bi-partisan junk mail for pastors who haven't served here for 25 years.


Is there really this much money to be made off of churches?

Anyway...give Bambi a chance, man. Branson's beautiful...some...time of year, I'm sure.
commented by Blogger Scott, 7:55 AM  
Wow. Now THAT makes me happy. Noah's "Mega" Ark-In-Progress... I can't WAIT!! Bambi and her partner (who strangely resembles Donny Osmond, as many in Branson do) talking about their Christian walk AND being "wildly" entertaining... I mean, seriously, this is the stuff that Church Getaways are made of.
commented by Blogger Jerilyn, 9:09 AM  
Because that's one of the wackiest things I've ever encountered, I went to that company's site. And guess what? Chuck Berry's in Branson for two nights in February. Road trip!
commented by Blogger Happy In Bag, 3:01 PM  
Actually thumbing through the publication is even more hilarious. Because right next to a full-page ad inviting you to "Laugh Your Yakov" is an ad for their Easter play, complete with smiling white Jesus.
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 3:45 PM  
So does this mean we aren't going to see Shunji and his patriotic violin playing?
commented by Blogger Andre, 6:58 PM  

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