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Not Prince Hamlet

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Revolving Radio

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Over two years ago NPH lamented the death of a quality radio station where he lives. 97.3 The Planet had its format switched, due to low ratings, from an indie rock type to an all-out rocker type, even though they left The Planet up online. They changed the stations name from "The Planet" to "Max FM" and took the tagline, "Everything That Rocks."

More like sucks rocks.

Well, now its changing again. Parent company Union Broadcasting is switching it to an FM sports talk station, enlisting ESPN Radio as its purveyor. This will make the third sports station that Union owns in the Kansas City market, as they also run Hot Talk 1510 (another ESPN affiliate) and 810 WHB on the am dial, a station that has a great local following and has even started its own restaurant.

NPH likes this. Union is a locally owned media company that has been very successful, and if their fm station isn't going to work as a music station, then we'd rather it broadcast something that it knows how to do well.

Interestingly, the station's Wikipedia entry already has this as written history, even though it just happened two days ago. I wonder if a Union Broadcasting employee wrote that . . .

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