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Not Prince Hamlet

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Do You Change The Dial?

Monday, February 12, 2007

A study conducted by the radio audience research group Arbitron is suggesting that people don't actually change the dial when a commercial comes on.


First of all, a fair number of NPH readers (ever the gadget-savvy bunch) may ask, "Radio? Dial?" Such is the impact of digital music players and commercial-free satellite radio. NPH's auto audio listening has been completely transformed by an mp3 player, such that he hardly ever listens to the radio. And when he does, he doesn't tolerate commercials for a second. No, NPH is more likely to listen to James Blunt than a commercial for lypo-dissolve or Sales Genie.

NPH has to wonder if the study's results have anything to do with the proliferation of offices and retail outlets that just leave the radio on at all times.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:43 PM


After watching the Grammys last night, Lady and I decided James Blunt sounds like goat-boy.

that one was free. take it for what you will.
Your'e beautiful, your'e beauti....


If the Grammys remind me of one thing, it is that radio is (for all intents and purposes) dead to me now.

You nailed it...althought I have yet to get an M-to-the-P3 player, the CDs I own will do nicely instead of the radio. I'm saturated with stuff I "need" to buy enough as it is.
commented by Blogger Scott, 8:11 AM  

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