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"I'm Not Your Priest"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Here's the link to the Guerilla Marketing piece on ABC's Nightline last night. NPH wasn't able to watch its' broadcast, because we live in a media market that prefers syndicated sitcoms from 10:30 to 11:30 rather than news.

The Nightline correspondent's interview with Rushkoff took a sort of confessional turn when he asked if the media was itself a part of the fallout from marketing ploys like the one in Boston, prompting Rushkoff to answer, "Well, you can't help it. The media loves to talk about itself." When the correspondent asked if he ought to feel guilty about that, Rushkoff looked at him with confusion for a couple of seconds before letting out a nervous and deflective, "I'm not your priest."

NPH enjoyed that.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:38 AM


That just plain rules.

I have raised my eyebrows more than a few times at the hyped-up-press-machine bashing the other forms of "media," low-browing them as "advertisers" with a snort.

I have noticed (interestingly enough) that the Turner-owned CNN hasn't spent all that much time on the story.

It's all intermarried and inter-depedent...and the news people scream foul (or don't) because of the bottom line. It all goes back to "Network" and the warning it was trying to send. Don't expect businesses to be self-correctingly concerned about anything but their bottom line. They are, in spite of their relentless high-horsing about being the higher calling of the "News Media," entertainers and salespeople. They are, ultimately, nothing more or less than George Foreman trying to sell you grills.

The most disturbing place for this (I have discovered) in in morning talk shows. News, advertising, selling of the new Fall Schedule, stories about the new products for the larger conglomo corporation....all come together under the guise of information and "news." So you get ABC (home of the View) and NBC (home of The Apprentice) pumping the Trump-Rosie feud as if it were WWIII, calling it news, and playing it over and over and over again. Then they even have the gall to say, "Well, I think it's all a publicity stunt," and pooh-pooh their own gravy trains for actions similar to their own. Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, they can't even spell Darfur...because Darfur doesn't sell.

Money is God...Advertising the Gospel...and the denominations are fighting over new members.

Anyway...off the soapbox (can you tell you touched a nerve?)...good stuff, Rock. The more I read in a sociological vein, the more I realize that Americans need to be more cognizant of how much we do because we are "being sold."

Have you read "The Overspent American?" Highly recommend. Anyway...good stuff. Interesting stuff. Keep it up.
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