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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jackie Huba at Church of The Consumer has a take on the Mini Cooper Talking Billboard Campaign. Huba is a Cooper owner herself, so when a friend asked her if she would recommend the car, she took note of the cutting edge marketing in light of her experience with the product. The billboards (which receive an electronic signal from your key and display a personalized message) are intended to intensify the "cultish loyalty" exhibited by Cooper owners already. But that cultish loyalty wasn't a result of talking billboards or secret decoder advertisements; it was the reaction of consumers who genuinely enjoyed a good product, regardless of the ads.

As for Huba, here's what she told her friend:
So I told her about the nagging problem with the hatch door that has a habit of not always latching. And the rattling noises that creep up at highway speed. And the heat that comes out of the vents unless you have the A/C turned on. And that all the dealers in Chicago are an hour away from downtown
It's a sad departure from the almost anti-marketing approach that marked the rise of the car.

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