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Not Prince Hamlet

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Protesting Commercials

Friday, February 09, 2007

Following up on our criticism of Coke's and Frito Lay's Super Bowl ads, NPH thought readers might like to know that racism wasn't the only vice employed by advertisers during the big game. Not to be outdone, homophobia and suicidal ideation had their day in the sun as well. Lucky for them, the makers of these ads have drawn the ire of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, instead of being exposed by Not Prince Hamlet.

G.L.A.D. and a host of other groups objected to this Snickers ad. Snickers pulled the ad immediately and erased it from their website.

This GM ad is being criticized for its insensitivity to suicide. ''It was inappropriate to use depression and suicide as a way to sell cars,'' said Robert Gebbia, the A.F.P.S's executive director.

NPH marvels at the increased publicity for the brand created by these kinds of protests.
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It's no surprise that USAmericans, by and large, are still bigots. But at least we hide it pretty well.

What's getting me is how several of these ads made it into the same broadcast without someone saying, "Um, folks - should we really be showing this?"
I apologize for being off-topic, NPH, but I thought you might be interested in this promotional video for Rickie Lee Jones' new Christian-based project.
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