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Not Prince Hamlet

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The Cup o' Joe Gone Mad

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last week NPH sauntered into a high-end coffeeshop here in town in the middle of the afternoon. Afternoon time is Americano time, but on this day something caught our eye that changed that. The guy behind the counter was talking to another customer about a new drip coffee maker they'd purchased, this $11,000 number that the Specialty Coffee Association of America had called the "Best New Invention" of the year in 2006.

Ever the sucker for a coffee gimmick, we paid $2 for a 16 oz. cup of drip coffee made by the Clover.

Right away the product's claims were vindicated, and they lasted throughout the cup. Combining the technology of a French Press and a Vacuum Pot, the Clover produces a cup of drip coffee that is more clear and subtle than anything else. We've been telling everyone about it since then. Here's a demonstration of how it works:

posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:24 AM


I've somehow managed to avoid stepping inside the Brookside joint since it opened. But that intriguing video shows that my resistance is futile.
commented by Blogger Happy In Bag, 1:58 PM  
Are you really still a fan of the clover coffee since your side effects have worn off? Thomas asked me about what I thought of it last night, and I told him clover coffee is the clove cigarette of coffee: Instead of a bleeding lung it gives you a bleeding stomach. I've had my share of french presses of bold coffees and have walked away unmharmed, but the clover machine seriously felt like it gave my stomach a rug burn!
commented by Blogger Andre, 8:10 AM  

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