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Not Prince Hamlet

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On Simplicity

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Before we moved we got rid of our TV. It's not that we were looking to go TV-free on some kind of principle, but rather that the thing was big and clunky and we just didn't want to move it again. We've never been cable subscribers, and so the majority of what we watch is the major broadcast channels. And since those channels are making their content available online, there's really no need for a TV.

So here's our living room, sans television. It's an interesting layout quandry, because the typical American living room is organized around the tube. Instead we have a stereo on one of the bookcase shelves. It's pretty amazing how the space opens up.

Finally, we're still watching TV shows, only on the computer. You might say, "What's the difference?" The difference is that online viewing eliminates surfing. There's very little browsing to be done when you simply go to abc.com or cbs.com; you go there looking for something, and when you find it, you watch it. When it's over you turn the computer off.

So what have we been watching? Rules of Engagement, Last Comic Standing, Age of Love, and American Inventor.

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