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Not Prince Hamlet

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The Waiter Chronicles: Coach Seth Godin

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marketing Guru and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin wrote a post awhile back about what waiters can teach marketers. I'm interested in what that post can teach me.

The essential point is that when a customer asks for something specific, they have a reason for it and should be listened to. Right now, for me, that's difficult because rather than listening for what they're asking I'm thinking ahead to the angry chef, how he's going to receive their request, and what kind of strain that's going to put on me.

But sometimes it's really simple. Like this guy, last night, who ordered a diet soda. I brought it to him, then, some time later, brought him another. He said to me, "I'm kind of an ice freak. Can you bring me just a glass of ice?"

Things were picking up. A party of 11 people was arriving all at once, and tasks were piling up in my mind. And this guy wants me to get him a glass of ice?


It was no problem, and he demonstrably appreciated it.

Listening is an important skill for a waiter, maybe even as important as for a pastor?


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