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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

MTV ala NPH: Josh Ritter--"Girl in The War"

Monday, August 13, 2007

With the Waiter Chronicles taking off and an endorsement of a Presidential candidate, things have gotten a little heavy here at NPH. So allow me to introduce a fun new feature: MTV ala NPH.

Each week I'll scour YouTube for the videos of my favorite songs, both present and past. I'll try to add a little background, as I can find it, but mostly I'll just let you watch the video and enjoy the music.

We start this week with Josh Ritter's "Girl in The War," a song--literally--unlike anything you've ever heard. When I first discovered it last winter I listened to it several times a day for about a week, right around Christmas time. On the way to Christmas Eve worship, and on the way back.

This is what Ritter himself said about the song to an audience last year: “It's about a bunch of people talking about problems and not getting past just the talking. So I hope you do.”

Without further adieu:


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