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Not Prince Hamlet

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Bagging for Biden (for Secretary of State)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our perfect candidate has quit the race.

Everyone saw this coming. Biden's been saying for weeks that if he finished a distant fourth in Iowa he would drop out. He finished fifth. He's a man of his word.

The Senator from Delaware seems to be a candidate fit for another time than this one. With an iconic change figure like Obama and a practiced heavyweight like Clinton available as options, voters seem to have looked at Biden as "just a friend": he's smart, funny, reliable--great marriage material; just not the person you want to be seen dancing with.

I concede Biden's defeat graciously and congratulate the Senator on his campaign. Now watch him get back to work as a serious national leader.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 10:19 PM


My wife and I stood up for Biden last night at our caucus...along with nine others...I really, really liked him and thought he brought the best experience to the field. hopefully he can be secretary of state or something under an Obama administration.
commented by Blogger thechurchgeek, 5:58 AM  
Oh, man. I'd love to hear more about what that was like. In the end, it sounds like you ended up with Obama. That's probably where I'm headed.
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 7:12 AM  
I've written some about it in some comments at this link:

commented by Blogger thechurchgeek, 7:23 AM  

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