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Not Prince Hamlet

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Idol Conspiracy?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here's what to do:

advance the video of David Archuleta's final performance on American Idol last night to 1:58 and listen to the song's last line.

Then, advance the video to 4:50 and watch the end-of-the-show highlight replay of that last line.

Ai7 Top4 Part6 David Archuleta
Uploaded by igrecman

You tell me if it's the same performance. Or did the producers replay the ending from Archuleta's dress rehearsal performance? In the first one, the young crooner's voice audibly gives out as he transitions to his falsetto. In the second, it's flawless.

I have a suspicion the producers of American Idol really want the wunderkind to win.
posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 11:07 PM


I've always understood that the last 2 or 3 performers of the night get their rehearsal clips put in because the producers don't have time to edit the sequence before the end of the show.

I haven't been watching idol this year, so I don't know if he was near the end of the night with that song. If so, there's the explanation.

I've noticed discrepancies in past years with this as well - so I headed over the the TWoP forums and that was the answer given for it.

But I still think Idol is a conspiracy, and that the producers favor contestants.
commented by Blogger stephanie, 6:29 AM  
Rock... old news. Something that came up earlier this year with Michael Johns, actually. ALL the contestant footage at the end of the show is a montage from the dress rehearsals. I really didn't think that was unknown at this point.

You are right, however, that the end of the song was definitely a bit different in the two, although I wouldn't necessarily say "better" than the final.

Hmm... favoring Archuleta? I thought that you might say they were trying to drum up votes for David Cook and Syesha this week, as Ryan explicitly referenced that "this was the week that Daughtry and Tamyra Gray went home" (parallels?) so make sure you vote for your favorite and don't assume they're safe.

That said, Cook and Archuleta are the best two. Is there an argument there? I just wish that Archie would pick less cheese. But... he's 17 and kind of wimpy... what should you expect?

btw... I'm on board for the blog idea next year.
commented by Anonymous matt, 7:51 AM  

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