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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

The Waiter Chronicles Revisited

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Good Food" is a Saturday show on the local public radio station. I don't listen to it normally, but yesterday as we drove to the museum I caught mention of the phrase "Waiter Rant" and froze the dial in place.

Waiter Rant is a crazy-popular blog written by Steve Dublanica, a blog which produced a Norton Anthology-worthy essay and subsequently an entire book, a book which currently resides on the New York Times' Best Seller List. Yesterday, Dublanica was interviewed by the host of "Good Food," Evan Kleiman. Listen to the show here.

Listening to the interview stoked my proud waiter fire, a fire that burned hot yet a year ago and then cooled after I found gainful employment in my "real" calling and quit last January. But before I took off the apron I had a correspondence with Dublanica (then known only as "The Waiter"). I posted my email to him here, and I posted (with his expressed permission) his response here.

Is this like knowing someone famous?


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 9:16 PM


Hey, saw that book and thought about you a bit ago! Cool stuff!

Oh, and yes, that counts as knowing a famous person in my book!
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