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Not Prince Hamlet

"Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse."

Biden on Palin's Speech

Thursday, September 04, 2008

"When we debate -- and, boy, she's going to be a tough debater, she's going to be a skillful debater -- I'm going to try to talk about the differences of our worldview here and what we're going to do for the country."

"I didn't hear the phrase 'middle class.' I didn't hear a single word about health care. I didn't hear a single word about helping people get to college."

Atta boy, Joe.

From CNN's "American Morning" today.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 6:46 AM


Do people have a right to college?
commented by Blogger Michael, 6:50 AM  
No, but an educated citizenry is in the best interests of the country.
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 7:01 AM  
I agree which is why I would rather have Biden talk about K-12 funding...again conversation leaning towards the elite...("if they are hungry why don't they just eat cake...or translated, why can't we get them in college?")
commented by Blogger Michael, 7:14 AM  
Have you really swallowed the "elite" line, even as applied to a candidacy that is almost obsessed with talking about the middle class?
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 9:14 AM  
As is true for both sides the next 60 days...talking isn't worth anything. Of course they are going to 'talk about middle class' because they can't win without them...
commented by Blogger Michael, 9:47 AM  

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