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Not Prince Hamlet

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Mental Health Break: Hope for the Royals

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some quick-and-dirty math for all those starry-eyed Royals fans.

Dayton Moore was hired as the Royals General Manager in 2006.

In 2005 the Royals won 56 games.

In 2006 (the year Moore took over) the Royals won 62 games (an improvement of 6 games)

In 2007 the Royals won 69 games (an improvement of 7 games)

Now, with 2008 in the books, we can say that the Royals won 75 games (another improvement of 6 games).

The team is getting better.

If they maintain their rate of improvement over the last three seasons and add 6 to the "win" column in 2009, that will match the number of wins the Cleveland Indians had this year. They finished 7 games out of first place.

If they add another 6 wins in 2010, that's an 87-win season. That's one win less than both the White Sox and Twins accumulated this regular season, and they're tied for first place.

Just sayin'.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 2:12 PM


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