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IdolCritics, Top 10

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From NPH: Matt Giraud is in the bottom three. That's a bit of a shock. Especially given the fact that Megan isn't. Michael, Scott, and Megan were my bottom three prediction, so I got two of the three right, but certainly missed the third. This is what drives me nuts about this show: it's arbitrary. Also, there's no way to tell why these results shows are put together the way they are. Matt and Michael are left to dangle in the wind after Scott is declared safe, and everyone knows that it's a travesty to put those two next to eachother. But . . .

In past seasons, strong contestants have found themselves in the bottom three early and enjoyed a big bounce in subsequent weeks, as their fanbase reacts to the slight. Maybe the producers are engineering something like that for Giraud.

Of course, Giraud is safe, though, and Sarver has been misled to believe that he can "sing for his life" now. It's a sorry spectacle, watching him straining with every note to save himself and knowing full-well that his chances of being saved by the judges are about as good as Paula's chances of cracking the Billboard charts ever again. There's no way they're saving him. Sayonara Sarver. The judges can't get their act together, though, so it's a clumsy execution, completely lacking in grace. Up against the next show that needs to start, Simon is forced (since, after all, a save has to be unanimous) to tell Michael he's going home. Ugly and unnecessarily insulting.

From NPH:
Live-blogging the top 10 (a couple hours after the fact):

10:28: Why have they started announcing the judges? That's dumb.

10:29: Paula wants the contestants to "challenge their artistic integrity." What doest that even mean?

10:33: The Barry Gordy/Smokey Robinson vignet in Studio A is pretty cool.

10:37: Giraud is so much better when he's at the keys, and he looks like a schoolboy in that cardigan, but he carried that off really, really well. For a guy who's recorded a couple of "Christian" records, "Let's Get It On" is an interesting choice, to say the least. Good for him.

10:39: For a guy who gets compared to Justin Timberlake, being called "Sexy cool" by Paula only helps.

10:40 Matt gets declared a "frontrunner" by Simon. Bad karma?

10:41: Kris hasn't even taken the stage yet, and I'm already annoyed.

10:43: Kris contorts his face too much while he sings.

10:44: Stop the presses! Kris Allen is boring.

10:45: Kara says Kris did "everything right" on the performance and Paula's proud of him. "Technically speaking," she says . . . but wasn't that really unremarkable. Lame, even?

10:47: When Ryan and Simon spit back and forth at each other, it's bad TV.

10:52: Scott McIntyre is much better than last week, but he's not long for Idol, I'm afraid. His voice just isn't that good.

10:53: Simon is giving it to Scott and getting booed. This is his first real criticism of the show. Simon called it "cheap." "I've heard that a million billion times," he says. Yes, at Stax of Wax.

10:55: Scott, don't respond to judge critique. It only makes you look bad. And don't admit that you changed songs in the middle of the week!!

10:56: Paula reaches under the desk and retrieves crayons and coloring books for Simon, saying "Here you go you six year-old." And if that's not akward enough, Ryan has to explain to Scott what's happening. This is really bad TV.

10:59: Megan Joy's voice is cracking. Not good. And it never works when contestants circumnavigate the judges table while singing. Her voice is easily the weakest of the 10, and it's not possible for her to hide that in her cuteness and phrasing anymore.

11:02: Kara is singing to a contestant again. That's petty. Stop. Paula tells Megan she's beautiful and Simon mutters, "It's not Top Model." Fair enough.

11:03: Megan looks like she's going to cry.

11:05: Anoop is sitting on the front of the stage. And he's singing--eek: this is bad. His falsetto is painful.

11:07: If all Anoop had to sing of "Ooh Baby Baby" were the verses, he'd be fine. The chorus is killing him. Or rather, he's killing the chorus.

11:08: Another plea for "creativity" from the judges. It seems to me that David Cook set the bar really high last season for how contestants arrange songs. No?

11:10: Seacrest just sang. Gulp.

11:11: Sarver tells us he was sick last week and didn't get to go to Detroit with the rest of the contestants. Is it telling that you didn't even notice his absence earlier?

11:13: Smokey Robinson says Sarver needs to not "sweet talk Ain't Too Proud To Beg." Best. Advice. Ever.

11:13: Sarver ignored Smokey's advice.

11:14: Sarver is boring, boring, boring. Better than Scott McIntyre, but not by much.

11:15: Paula apologizes and nearly cries in criticizing Sarver. "This is hard," she says as she tells him that his performance was "Vegas-ish." Buck up, Paula.

11:16: Simon tells Sarver he has "No chance of winning." Amen.

11:17: Sarver, don't talk back at the judges, especially if you're just going to validate their critique.

11:18: DiaGuardi again with the "artistry" plea! The ghost of David Cook strikes again!

11:19: Sarver is "being true to who he is." Smart move. Also smart is the skillfully employed drawl (he's an oil rigger, you know). He's got a few more weeks in him.

11:20: How good is Lil Rounds going to be? Expectations are hiiiiiiiiigh.

11:21: Wow, Lil looks awesome.

11:22: As expected, she's crushing the song. Girl can flat-out sing.

11:23: Write this down: that performance was one of Idol's best ever.

11:25: Randy and Kara didn't like it. Pthhhhhh.

11:26: Simon thinks Lil didn't have a "moment" in the performance because the song didn't allow it. For me, the whole performance--starting with the video footage--was the moment.

11:28: Lil just reminded Paula that the President is Obama.

11:30: Lambert's hair!

11:31: Lambert to Desai: here's how you sing falsetto.

11:32: Lambert is growing on me. That was pretty amazing. And Kara is standing and telling us about it. There's no context for that move. It doesn't mean anything coming from her.

11:32: Again, one of the judges tells Adam he's in "his own league." I buy it more this time.

11:33: Simon calls it the best performance of the night. Oh, and he's "emerged as a star." Pull it back a bit, Cowell.

11:35: Giraud's my boy, but I just voted for Adam Lambert. Really, I texted "vote" to 5708.

11:36: Smokey told Gokey to add the "You're Allrights" and the "You're Outta Sights" to his version of "Here I Come." Good advice. But then the backup singers are doing it. This is me, shaking my head.

11:38: Seriously, though: Gokey's really good, right?

11:39: The show is running late and the producers are rushing the judges through Gokey's critique. Does that help him out or short-change him?

11:41: Iraheta's not big enough for "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

11:42: The clap track during the chorus isn't doing her any favors.

11:42: Oh, look: Kara is standing up again. "That is from God," she rants. "You can't teach that!"

11:43: Cowell drew a moustache on Paula's face with a crayon and Iraheta thinks it's hysterical. She is only 16.

11:44: Cue the recap.

11:48: post recap, top-to-bottom: Lil, Adam, Matt, Alison, Danny, Anoop, Kris, Michael, Scott, Megan.

From NPH: This week's schedule is a bit wonky, so that the top 10 don't perform until Wednesday night. The results are on Thursday.

So, Producer, it's Motown week. Surely this format will favor Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, and Matt Giraud. Also, given his acapella singing experience, Anoop Desai ought to do well. Based on what she did with "Rockin' Robin," I think Megan Joy will survive but not flourish. The contestants I would worry about would be Michael Sarver, Scott McIntyre, and Allison Iraheta. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert? Eough love has already been lavished upon them to get them at least through this week.


posted by Not Prince Hamlet, 12:48 PM


wish I could see your post while commenting... cause I actually watched Idol last night (at GAC).

Your hating on Anoop's falsetto: unjustified.

Your over the top praise of Lil: unjustified (Simon was dead on for that one)

Megan's performance: Wow. In a bad way. Yikes.

Danny: great singer... couldn't get over why he didn't do what Smokey said. Bugged the heck out of me and made me not enjoy his performance. Bold stroke: he might be in trouble because of that fact only.

Allison: good, good singer. Not that likable, in my perspective.

Adam: Great singer... going to be there on the final.

Matt: I called him as a winner (to my secretary) during auditions. Still believing in him.
commented by Anonymous matt, 7:31 AM  
Matt, let me know when you're ready to come on board as the third IdolCritic voice . . .

It didn't take me long to want to retract my laude of Lil, at least part of the way. I got caught up in the whole "This is he genre" moment and didn't pay close enough attention to the actual performance. It was good, but not all-time good. It felt good to watch though.

Anoop's falsetto, though, I'm not retracting. It was crazy weak, and Simon nailed it when he said he looked sleepy singing it. Dude's got to stay away from it, especially when there's a Lambert in the competition whose falsetto summons forest animals.
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 9:29 AM  
Okay, next week ill get in on this. Tonight, instead of idol results, ill be reviewing where the 10 million in budget cuts are going to come from. Good stuff
commented by Anonymous Matt, 3:03 PM  
Maybe we could cut the budget by eliminating paper ordination exams in favor of regional Idol-style preaching competitions.
commented by Blogger Not Prince Hamlet, 3:36 PM  
well put on the elimination recap, though I will say that putting michael, megan and scott in your bottom three wasn't exactly pushing the envelope.

I would have had lil in there, just to pick the upset.

One reason Matt was in the bottom three: he went first. That's it.

It's a death sentence, especially as they shrink the # of contestants and still have a 2 hr show.

okay. gotta run... hit me up for more participation next week.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:22 PM  

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